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Hello, I'm Yishan!

I started my career feeling like I needed to fit in, and now I shape my own career opportunities. And together with the guests I feature on this podcast, we share how we challenge the status quo in how we learn, connect with an aligned tribe who gets us, and shape our own jobs - and in many cases these are jobs that didn’t exist before.

Get ready to be inspired to explore creative ways to learn, future-proof your talent stack and forge your own path in the future work in a way that brings out your personality and your zone of genius. 


Podcast Themes


Modern learning in the workplace. How to build new skills to bridge new career paths.



Career stories from people who have transitioned into jobs that didn't exist until recently 


Online brand voice for the modern career professional.


Building credibility in new career pathways.
Elevator pitches for generalists and multi-disciplinary professionals.

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Yishan has really helped me with my career transition, achieving more in the last few years than all the combined years prior.  Her style can be summed up in the quote from Edward Hess:


"Innovators are people who can unlock the cognitive and emotional chains that hem most of us  into the familiar.  Unlocking those chains liberates us to let go of the comfortable and familiar and journey into the land of innovation.  Making that journey requires humility and personal courage."

- Meryl F.

Yishan's thoughtful and structured approach to helping individuals own their future of work is truly extraordinary.  Yishan is a master of helping individuals craft and maintain their career brand to plan and progress their career leaps.

I reached out to Yishan to dive deeper into connecting my career brand, personal brand and purpose. I was blown away by how curated each session was and Yishan provided a variety of personalised pre-work and homework tasks during the experience that played a key role in fostering accountability.


As a result, the insights I've gained from these sessions have helped reinforce my confidence and refresh my approach to creating meaningful content. I'm happy to say that I'm still referring to the majority of my notes from these sessions as a north star for my career brand. If you're looking to unpack your talent stack, understand how you might share your career brand and gain clarity on the steps to make a purpose-aligned career a reality, I would 11/10 recommend you reach out to Yishan for her expertise. Countless a-ha moments await!

- Stephanie Y.

Yishan provided me with much needed inspiration during a key transition point in my career.


Her unique insights opened my mind up to the possibilities of threading my extra-curricular hobbies into a professional roadmap. I highly recommend Yishan and will be working with her again!

- Cassandra S.