My curiosity has led me to many paths in life - a corporate careerpersonal branding photography,  and a career development podcast to name a few.

When I tell my colleagues at work about my side-hustles, I'm intrigued when I get asked if I'd ever switch to doing this full-time. Whilst this may be the dream for some people, I look at all these different avenues as a way to build my talent stack

My career is an opportunity to learn about new ways of working, collaborate with a diverse team and solve challenges on a wide scale. Side hustles and passion projects are my playground to be creative, where I get to learn on my own term, experiment without the red tape, and connect with people I wouldn't normally get to meet.  Every skill I level up on enables me to launch the next idea much more quickly than the last.


Learning new things both at work and outside inspires me to look at things differently, reframe challenges into opportunities and constantly reinvent, never accepting status quo.  This is what makes me feel intrinsically fulfilled in whatever I do.

I hope my podcast will inspire you to follow your curiosity, have fun learning and shape a fulfilling career.