Hello! Thank you for your interest in being featured on the Build Your Talent Stack Podcast.

We are currently wrapping up a "learning out loud" series on Season 2 on my experience in completing the Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner Programme.  

After that we'll be taking a short break to plan the next season. 

Please reach out if you'd like to share your experiences on the themes below.

As I am juggling a full time career, a hobby podcast and a young family, I will endeavour to respond to your message as soon as I can! Thanks for your understanding. 


  • Season 3: Modern Learning: Share your experience / day in the life

    • Share your experience in implementing modern learning in your workplace

    • Share your experience as a modern learning champion 

  • Season TBC: Building multi-skilled teams

    • Share your experience in what has worked & what are some challenges in building multi-skilled teams

Thanks for your message! I will be in touch shortly.