I am available to speak at conferences, panels and events on topics related to modern learning & owning your future of work.


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Build Your Talent Stack

This talk explores the concept of the “talent stack” as a way to improve our adaptability by diversifying ourselves through out-side in learning.

#learningmindset #adaptability #sidehustle 


What's your story?

Do you struggle to describe all your interests into an elevator pitch?

Does your elevator pitch describe what you have done, or who you want to be come?

In this talk, I share how I went from describing myself as a bunch of words, to relaunching my personal brand that transformed my career and network, and ignited a bigger vision.

#personalbranding #storytelling #purpose #clarity

Finding your voice


An introvert's perspective on overcoming feelings of being invisible or misunderstood, to taking charge of my "brand voice" using public speaking and LinkedIn to relaunch my career and brand.

#diversityandinclusion #introvert #personalbranding #contentstrategy #linkedin

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